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May 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Siding

It is important to keep your home’s siding in good condition. If it wears out or deteriorates then it can cause a problem to the exterior and interior of your home. Here are the reasons why you should replace your siding.

Warped or rotted boards

When you inspect your siding you will find damage to the boards. You can use a screwdriver and probe beneath the boards to find out whether the pieces are warped or rotted. If you find the board to be soft, you should replace your siding.

Frequent painting

The paint on the exterior of your home should last for eight to ten years. If you have painted your walls within the past five years and notice signs of chipped paint or cracking then you should replace your siding.

Loose material

Your vinyl siding can be damaged due to a storm. If you see large areas of loose or cracked materials then you know that it’s time to replace your siding.

Mold, mildew, and fungus

If there are mildew, mold, and fungus in your home, then your home will experience some kind of water seepage. You should hire an expert to inspect your siding and fix it.

Interior problems

If you notice peeling paint or loose wallpaper on the interior walls of your home, then it is because moisture is getting inside your home. So, you need to replace your siding.

These are the reasons you should get your siding replaced. If you don’t act fast, it may cause huge damage to your home.

4 Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows in Your Home

When you think of buying a home or do some renovation works on your existing home, you should consider installing energy efficient windows. Here are the major reasons why you must do so.

To reduce your energy bills

The energy efficient windows will lower your energy bills significantly. It can, in fact, reduce your energy bill up to 30%. Double-pane windows provide extra insulation for your home.

Stops fading of your furniture or flooring

Due to overexposure to light your wood, vinyl flooring or upholstery can fade. So, you should get energy efficient windows. These windows filter the sun’s light rays and so they cannot get inside the home.

Reduces the amount of condensation

During very cold weather you may notice condensation on your window panes. When this condensation increases your home will become vulnerable to mildew and mold attacks. The energy efficient windows don’t lose heat, so the accumulation of condensation will be less.

Increases the value of the property

People are now becoming more aware of the ‘green’ concept. Prospective buyers will be more interested in buying a home with energy efficient windows. The value of your property will increase if you install energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows will make your home more comfortable. Though the cost of these windows is more than those of the normal windows, you will save a lot of money in the long run. So, you should install energy efficient windows in your home.

5 Types of Home Improvements You Can Do For Less

Home improvement can be costly. But with some research, you can make some amazing home improvements for less money. Here are some home improvements that won’t cost you much.

1. Update lighting

Modern lighting can make your room look warmer and larger. You can replace your old-fashioned lighting and use more energy efficient models. There are many websites where you will find the latest lighting trends.

2. Remake your entrance

Improving the entrance can enhance the look of your home. It will make your front entrance attractive. You can replace the front door. You can also update your existing door with new handles and paint. You can add a new rug in front of your door.

3. Modernize your bathroom

You can replace your sink or toilet. You can paint the room and add a nicely framed mirror. These small changes will make your bathroom look better.

4. Clean your house thoroughly

You can hire a professional cleaner to clean your home thoroughly. Professional cleaning will make your entrance look better. It will also give you a pleasant experience. You can clean your carpet, high tech machines, windows, driveways, etc.

5. Decorate the walls

If you add wall decoration, your room will feel larger. You should use your walls from the floor to the ceiling, so your eyes can move up and down. You can add open shelves and place meaningful objects there.

These small changes can make your home look more appealing. These renovations won’t cost you much but can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home.