10 Insights For Better Interior Lighting

Let us consider the inside of your house. We give you ten quick tips to improve the lighting in each room so that whenever you enter each room and switch on the lights, you feel enchanted and full of life.

  1. Visit a showroom or an online lighting site like Modern Place to know the wide range of choices and recommendations for interior lighting in your home.
  2. A tall, single stand lamp with elaborate designs and beautiful lampshade strategically placed in a selected corner of the drawing hall can single-handedly change the nature of the room along with adding a class.
  3. Hanging lamps come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. You can buy an inverted umbrella lamp, a pot lamp, a pumpkin lamp or a balloon lamp. There are even lamps designed to mimic bird nests.
  4. Do not rely too much on layers for the lighting. Clear the corridors and pathways by placing lights higher, but not too high to touch the roof.
  5. A dimmer is a smart, easy and affordable addition to your lighting system.
  6. Lights in libraries and reading lamps should be placed in the opposite direction of the reader’s face. The intensity and brightness should be soothing and bright enough to match the comfort level of the eyes.
  7. Floor lights in bedrooms and hallways will add security, night visibility and aesthetic appeal to the interior. Lights in the bedroom should not be too bright and place them in slots without directly falling on the face of the persons lying.
  8. A wide ceiling light makes kitchen work faster, foolproof and ideal for partnerships. Make sure ample light is provided in the working area where the food items can be carefully prepared.
  9. The kid’s room is a place where you can come out of your comfort zone and experiment with lights, all by keeping security features in mind.
  10. The size and position of lamps are the most important elements in designing interior lighting. A chandelier will definitely look out of place in a small room. An overflowing lamp on the tiny side table will be as miserable as an ill-fitted wardrobe.

The interior of the house reflects your mind, the brighter and more beautiful it is, the same is your mind.